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SSL сертификаты безопасности для доменов

Простое приложение для установки напоминания окончания срока действия SSL сертификата.

На данный момент создание сертификата доступно для пользователей с банковскими картами, выпущенными российскими банками.

Byztxt Greek New Testament

Interlinear Majority Text NA28. Read the Bible in Koine Greek even if you don’t know the Greek letters. Is it true? Yes it is. What you have here now is the entire New Testament written with the so called Koine Greek which is ancient greek used within the old Byzantine Empire. Below each word in greek you see the transliterated word in plain English for pronunciation. So you can read right ahead even without knowing any greek at all. But I am sure you will find words you already heard of but you did not realize that originally it came from ancient greek. That's fascinating isn't it? The whole Bible is offline ready.


  • Multiple Languages
AvatarGen - Avatar Maker

Helps users to make avatar right through your mobile phones. Completely offline.

AvatarGen is an avatar generator app. You can choose between simple lovely designed characters.

App Features:

• Seed: It helps you to create various avatars by typing something from your keyboard. Don't use sensitive or personal data as seed!
• You can choose male, female, human or avataaars to start your character creation.
• The skin color, hair color and clothing color can be customized.
• You can save the creation to your mobile phone and update your social network avatar.
• It works completely offline.
• Share your avatar by sharing your seed text with others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Can I use an email address or other sensitive or personal information as a seed?
- No! Sensitive or personal data should never be used as seed. The seed could be read from the source code. The generated avatar could also reveal the seed.

+ Does a seed always return the same avatar?
- Yes, as long as the same version of a avatar collection is used, a seed will always return the same avatar.

Rabbit Mail - Temporary Disposable Email

You can instantly create a temporary email address for receiving emails.

Why we should use Rabbit Mail?

● Instantly create a new email address.
● The mailbox is protected from spam, hacking, exploits.
● Read incoming emails, including attachments.
● You can access your mail from the computer.
● Custom email name.
● Quickly delete and/or create new email addresses.
● No ads.
● Your messages is stored for a week unless you delete it.
● It is completely anonymous: personal data, address itself and emails are deleted after you delete the account.

Note: You cannot send email using this app, only receive. We have no ability to restore accounts or domains once removed. No way we could reset your password.

EasyQuick Shop - Open an Online Store & Sell

EasyQuick Shop gives you the fastest way to open an online store - in minutes, and start selling! Whether you have one or multiple stores this app makes it easy for you to manage your orders, products and deliveries, and get you connected with your customers.
Start selling like a pro!


  • With a unique Shop ID with open your online store in minutes
  • Upload your products and images
  • Edit and update your product details
  • Get to share your shop and product links on social media
  • Fulfill your store orders with ease
  • Enable your return customers to make one-click reorders in-app and see your sales grow
  • View your business stats by day/week/month
  • Live chat with your customers and get instant feedback on the products and service
  • Get custom feedback and improve your business over-time
  • Grow your business by empowering other sellers with the right tools
  • Go local with your deliveries and ensure your customers get timely deliveries and your shippers have the right tools for the job
Курсы валют ЦБ России

Простое и удобное приложение для отслеживание курсов валют и драгоценных металлов Центрального Банка России.

Курсы валют Центрального Банка России обновляемые ежедневно между 16:00 и 17:30 по Московскому времени (+03:00 GMT), кроме выходных и праздничных дней.

На главном экране можно установить до 6 валют для подробного отслеживание изменения курса (последние 14 значений), а так же установить оповещение при его изменение на заданную относительную величину.

Для каждой валюты есть возможность посмотреть динамику изменения в табличном и графическом виде. Так же можно увидеть стоимость обмена одной валюты на другую. На главном экране есть простой калькулятор валют.

Для получения более ранних значений изменения курса необходима подписка.

Курсы валют с сайта ЦБ России

My Shopper - universal shopping app

Tired of managing your different shopping list? Save your time and use this intuitive shopping list:

- ONE shopping list for all items & shops
- support of tablet mode
- Favorites
- Categories can be sorted per shop
- Preconfigured list of articles, categories and shops that can be extended any time
- Sync between devices

Lasso - Memo, Notes, Summary Journal Diary Minutes

Lasso allows you to create, edit & delete memos which will increase your productivity and helps you in organising your life.Keep track of your day so that you can manage your day.Create shopping list, take notes,create diary entry, plan a event, write articles or simply track your tasks to increase your productivity and priortise what matters to you.


The smart solution to procuring the hottest brands around the world, SIMBA, collects data from various e-commerce platforms to analyze and provide real-time price comparisons, as well as streamlined channels for international shipping.
Find the lowest price for the item!
Compare real-time prices from major marketplaces around the world and sort by country to find the lowest price anywhere in the world!
One check-out for all platforms!
Use one shopping cart to check out once for products from any number of e-commerce platforms. Review all respective local taxes and fees at check-out!
Shop internationally without hassle!
The shortest and quickest shipping routes are calculated real-time. From order confirmation, local tracking, international shipping, customs, and tariffs, the whole process will be taken care of!
Simple buying, SIMBA!

Health Right : Simplified Medical Travel

Health Right is a medical knowledge driven facilitator platform where technology and management comes together to bridge the gap of a disease or ailment and the required treatment.
Team Health Right is committed to help maximum people realize their highest possible level of health.
At Health Right we help and handhold the people at each step in exercising their objective RIGHT of better health.
A seamless medical care services stream awaits as you take your first step towards Health Right . . .

by hafla

Do you also quickly lose track when planning your leisure time in everyday life or in a new city?
Now it's easier than ever to organize activities alone or with friends and experience new cool adventures!
hafla is an app for planning and managing your activities with friends. You can use hafla just as well to get to know a new city. It connects you via your contacts with your friends who already use hafla.
Create an event, invite your friends and off you go!
In a group chat you can easily discuss the details and manage events.
No idea what you should do tomorrow? hafla helps here too! We suggest local activities that you might enjoy.
Once you have found the right activity, organize it with friends and enjoy the hafla way of life!

Quotes-Inspirational , motivational , life quotes

We’re delighted to announce the second app in our ecosystem knows as “Quotes”. It comes with over 5000 quotes , 11 different background bundled under 2.5 MB which is even less than that of a image. Amazing isn’t? Morever, it works without an internet connection which makes it your go-to companion in low or no network areas.

Developers Leaderboard

Main idea of the is motivation! Here you can check which languages and technologies your friends love and being passionate about based on their real projects. It can help to find new connections in your City / Country, who work with the same tech-stack as you do.

Profiles and ranks are being generated for developers registered at CodersRank and based on the developers' connected GitHub, GitLab, Stackoverflow accounts + additionally added GIT repositories. The profile shows the experience you have by the connected accounts you add.

GoDial - Automatic Call Dialer and CRM

GoDial Turns your phone into a Call Center. Increases Sales. Manages Prospects. And Much more.


  • Schedule Callbacks
  • Dial through large call lists
  • Rechurn old contacts and increase connectivity
  • Save notes to contacts
  • Advance CRM like features, like lead stage visualization or sending proposal
  • Sale Ninja AI - Magically suggest the best contacts to dial
Fitness Pets - The less serious fitness tracker

The most simple and fun activity app! Be active to grow your virtual pet!


  • Grow your virtual pet by being active. The more steps you do, the more you will level up your cute pet!
  • Go on epic quests. Your steps will let you progress on the map!
  • Play fun minigames! Gradually unlock new minigames when you progress.
  • The more you walk, the more gold you receive. Buy cool stuff like silly hats with your gold!
  • Keep your motivation boosted with tons of cool medals with that are movie/game inspired
मराठी विश्वकोश (Vishwakosh)

आधुनिक जग हे ज्ञान आणि माहिती यांचे जग म्हणून ओळखले जाते. यामध्ये ज्ञाननिर्मिती, ज्ञानसंवर्धन आणि ज्ञानप्रसार या तिन्हीं गोष्टींचा समावेश होतो. याचा विचार करून दि. १ डिसेंबर १९८० रोजी मराठी विश्वकोशाच्या संपादन आणि प्रकाशन कार्यार्थ महाराष्ट्र राज्य मराठी विश्वकोश निर्मिती मंडळाची स्थापना करण्यात आली. प्राज्ञ पाठशाळेच्या माध्यमातून संस्कृतचे अध्ययन करणारे तर्कतीर्थ लक्ष्मणशास्त्री जोशी यांच्यावर ही जबाबदारी देण्यात आली. मराठी विश्वकोशाच्या माध्यमातून मराठीचा प्रचार व प्रसार करून जिज्ञासू वाचकांना, संशोधकांना, अभ्यासकांना जागतिक दर्जाचे ज्ञान व माहिती उपलब्ध करून देणे हा मराठी विश्वकोशाचा प्रधान हेतू होता.

सीडॅक ने संगणकीकृत केलेले मूळ विश्वकोशाचे २० खंडात विखूरलेले लेख एकत्रीत करून "तांत्रीकदृष्ट्या अद्ययावत" करून "" ह्या संकेतस्थळावर "प्रथमावृत्ती" म्हणून उपलब्ध केले आहेत. युनिकोड वापरून संगणकीकृत केलेला हा डेटा, इमेजेस सहीत ऑनलाइन असून १००% सर्चेबल आहे. पूर्वी केवळ टायटल पुरता मर्यादीत असलेली सर्च आता पूर्ण लेखातील विषय कव्हर करते.

मराठी विश्वकोशाचे नविन अद्ययावत संकेतस्थळ "" ह्या नावाने असून विश्वकोशाने अंगीकारलेल्या ज्ञानमंडळ संकल्पनेला अनुसरून त्याची रचना आहे.

मराठी विश्वकोशाच्या ऍपमधे दोन्ही साइट एकत्र पहायची सोय आहे. वेगवेगळी अॅप डाऊनलोड करायची गरज नाही. ऍपमधे देखील सर्च वर विशेष भर दिला आहे, जेणेकरून कुणीही हवा तो लेख पटकन शोधू शकेल. ऍपमधूनच मराठी शब्दकोश शोधायची सोय देखील आहे.


Selective Curated Content in Marathi. This app is a tool to read various selective content availed on "" which is 1st paid digital magazine in Marathi Language. App allows online registration and then access to "member's only" content. App has offline compatibility, commenting & social media sharing features.


१ मे १९६० रोजी महाराष्ट्र राज्याची स्थापना झाल्यानंतर राजभाषा मराठीचा शासन व्यवहारात वापर करण्याबाबतचे धोरण राबविण्यासाठी शासन निर्णय, सामान्य प्रशासन विभाग,क्रमांक ओएफएल-११५९ बी दिनांक ६ जुलै १९६० अन्वये भाषा संचालनालयाची स्थापना करण्यात आली. मराठी राजभाषा असल्याचे घोषित करणारा कायदा विधानमंडळात मंजूर होऊन दिनांक ११ जानेवारी, १९६५ रोजी महाराष्ट्र राजपत्रातून जाहीर झाला व तदन्वये मराठीचा राज्य कारभारात जास्तीत जास्त वापर करण्याचे ठरले. राजभाषा मराठीविषयक शासनाचे धोरण राबवताना आधुनिक तंत्रज्ञानाद्वारे विविध विषयावरील शास्त्रीय व तांत्रिक परिभाषा कोश तयार करणे, शासन व्यवहारासाठी आवश्यक परिभाषा घडविणे, शब्दावल्या तयार करणे ही भाषा संचालनालयचे महत्वाचे उद्दिष्ट आहे!

राजभाषा मराठीविषयक शासनाचे धोरण राबवताना, मराठीचा राज्य कारभारात जास्तीत जास्त वापर करण्यासाठी आधुनिक तंत्रज्ञानाद्वारे विविध विषयावरील शास्त्रीय व तांत्रिक परिभाषा कोश, शासन व्यवहारासाठी आवश्यक परिभाषा व शब्दावल्या यांचे संकलन..

भाषा संचालनालय

राजभाषा मराठीचा शासन व्यवहारात वापर करण्याबाबतचे शासनाचे धोरण राबवण्यासाठी महाराष्ट्र शासनाने दिनांक ६ जुलै, १९६० अन्वये भाषा संचालनालयाची स्थापना केली. केंद्गीय व राज्य अधिनियम, नियम यांचा मराठी अनुवाद व विविध विषयावरील शास्त्रीय व तांत्रिक परिभाषा कोश, शब्दावल्या ह्यांचा समावेश असलेले अद्ययावत अॅप आजच डाऊनलोड करा.
राज्य अधिनियम व केंद्गीय अधिनियम यांच्या अनुवादाचे काम या संचालनालयाच्या स्थापनेपासून करण्यात येत आहे. त्यासाठी कायद्याची अशी एक विशिष्ट लेखनशैली या संचालनालयाने विकसित केली असून ‘’न्याय व्यवहार कोश’’ हा कोश त्या दृष्टीने प्रकाशित केला आहे. तसेच आतापर्यंत सुमारे २१२ राज्य अधिनियमांचा व १२६० राज्य नियमांचा अनुवाद करण्यात आला आहे.


PricePoint lets you view your favorite cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

My Pet's Diary

Do you have any pets? They give you joy and happiness from the minutes spent with them, but they need systematic care. How to find time in a busy schedule to provide regular care for animals and not to forget anything? My Pet's Diary - pet care reminders will help you.

All the most important is collected in one place, in the diary of a pet. Walking, visiting a veterinarian, water procedures, regular treatment of pets, feeding schedule and recommendations for care. With this application, nothing will be missed and forgotten.

Your pets will thank you with long and happy years spent next to their beloved owner!

The functionality of this application allows you to
- flexibly configure tasks;
- pet feeding schedule;
- systematize grooming care and hygiene procedures;
- regularly buy pet supplies and feed;
- monitor the health status of pets;
- routine vaccinations and taking veterinary drugs;
- control the walking mode using notifications;
- differentiate tasks for several pets;
- create notes;
- recommendations for pet care.

Kidoverse Solar System

Kidoverse Solar System is an educational application about the Solar System, its objects and planets, and is an interactive three-dimensional model of our Solar System, where you can make an exciting journey through the expanse of our Solar System.

Wonderful visual effects and musical accompaniment will allow you to enjoy the beauty and feel all the greatness of our Solar System with pleasure and interest.

All information is voiced, and the child will not have to be distracted by reading the information during the trip and the exploration of the planets and stars.

With each new update we will add more planets, satellites and other Solar System objects.

Kidoverse Lite

Kidoverse - application for young children, where they can learn, play, explore the world around us or just have fun.
Kidoverse is based on different "sets":
- Educational sets, like Alphabet and Numbers
- Cognitive sets: Animals, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables, Rainbow Colors
- Musical instruments: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone, Marimba and others
- DJ sets: special musical sets where child can feel like a little DJ
The collection of sets is constantly being replenished.
New sets every month!


The safe place for your ideas and documents

- Create great notes to save your ideas, to dos and knowledge
- Capture images, videos and audio
- Scan documents quickly to PDF
- Add more files and web pages from everywhere
- Sync your data via iCloud and access it from other devices using iOS, macOS and other platforms clients
- Protect all your data with one password, no data will then leave your device unencrypted (end-to-end encryption)
- Find what you are looking for quickly
- Enjoy dark or light mode

It is your data, and only yours!

by Rise

Imagine a pet fence system that Links to your smart phone. That monitors your pet’s behavior and sends you a notification if a setting needs to be changed. A setting you send to your dog’s collar with a quick click.

Now there’s Link™, an amazing breakthrough in pet fencing. With Link you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will your Pet Stop Dealer. Information like letting you know the collar needs to be charged or prompting you to making an adjustment to the over 1000 available settings.

Colorize My photos

An application that helps you to color old images in just 10 seconds, you can resurrect any old photos and save them on your phone,
Get rid of the hassle of expensive image processing software with long time coloring for your manual photos.
"Colorize My photos" it's easy and free for use for ever .
- Easy to use (select an image and will color it)
- saves you time and costs to recolor your old photos
- Save the image in the phone after coloring
- smooth graphical interfaces


Kidoverse - application for young children, where they can learn, play, explore the world around us or just have fun.
Kidoverse is based on different "sets":
- Educational sets, like Alphabet and Numbers
- Cognitive sets: Animals, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables, Rainbow Colors
- Musical instruments: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone, Marimba and others
- DJ sets: special musical sets where child can feel like a little DJ
The collection of sets is constantly being replenished.
New sets every month!


Vetcalculators is a collection of drug dosage calculators for Veterinarians and technicians
from the number one veterinary calculator website,
It includes calculators for Emergency and Anesthetic drugs, Constant Rate Infusions (CRI's),
IV Fluid Rates, Chocolate Toxicity, Calorie requirements, Blood Transfusions,
Blood Glucose Curve Generator and Unit conversion calculators.


  • Includes 9 Veterinary Calculators
  • Calculates drug dosages as you type, saves your results.
  • Includes a built in database to store your own drugs.
  • Include patient info.
  • Built in Numeric Calculator
  • Set color and theme preferences
  • Easily print or share PDF's of your results

Die B2B-Liga ist die Fußball-Liga für Unternehmen in Wien. Von September bis Juni findet die Saison statt. Bei einer Spieldauer von 50 Minuten (2 x 25min) treffen jeweils zwei Teams aufeinander.

Verfolge mit der App den Fortschritt deines Teams, analysiere deinen Gegner und bereite dich für das nächste Match vor.


Ad-Lister is an eBay listing software built in 2006 by Just Applications Ltd to enable professional eBay listing templates to be listed without requiring any knowledge of HTML.

The software currently manages over 2823 eBay stores from small to large scale eBay business sellers and focuses on driving more sales for each customer as well as saving the user time on listing in bulk.

Cuentos con Juegos

Una colección de Cuentos Infantiles para leer, aprender y jugar con ellos.
Todas las semanas nuevos cuentos y juegos educativos.

- Cenicienta
- El Gigante Egoísta
- El Patito Feo
- Aladino y la Lámpara Mágica
- Caperucita Roja
- Blancanieves
- Los Músicos de Bremen
- Hansel y Gretel
- La Reina de las Abejas
- El Sastrecillo Valeroso
- Pulgarcito


A mobile shopping and checkout solution that reduces checkout time, while enhancing the overall customer shopping experience. Ideal for retailers looking to improve customer satisfaction while also reducing operational costs.

• Check-in at store entrance reading a checkin QRCode
• Scan your products with your smartphone while you shop
• Keep track of how much you'll spent at the checkout
• Checkout reading a checkout QRCode in less than a minute, skipping checkout lines
• Receive special offers or promotions in store
• Have access to updated product information and promotions in store
• Create and manage your own shopping lists
• Add products to your shopping lists with search, voice recognition or scanning product barcodes
• Login with your favorite social accounts
• Find all stores compliant with YouBeep system
• Check other features available...

TKD 2018

Using your mobile app developed exclusively for the 34th Turkish Cardiology Congress with International Participation by Turkish Society of Cardiology,

• Stay informed of updates and changes by push notifications;
• See the location of congress center and get directions;
• Access any information by searching speakers, halls, times and many more keywords even partials thanks to our innovative search module;
• Get exclusive access to abstracts;
• Add sessions to your in-app agenda;
• Get in touch with the Society or Organizer;
• And take advantage of many more handy features...

Rune - Zodiac Quotes

Get an inspiring quote for your zodiac sign according to your date of birth. Why not begin your day with an interesting point to ponder? Just shake your phone and Rune will flash a thought provoking and often amusing quote to enlighten your day.

Eagle - The Social Network Full of Apps

• Discover new friends and keep in touch with the old ones.
• Share your thoughts using words and/or pictures, but think carefully because a post can contain no more than 300 characters and/or a single photo.
• You can "like" your friends' photo, but you can also "dislike" it. Don't worry about that, nobody can see your "dislike"! Post reactions are private, only numbers are visible.
• Directly reply to your friends' posts showing you sincere feelings.
• Share posts by sending them as a message to your friends.
• You may keep chatting for hours with people you love using instant messages. And if you're not using the app when they text you, don't worry, you'll receive a notification in your mobile device.
• We know that time is gold, and weather condition is as important. That's why we brought to you the "Now" app, so you can check the weather condition of any place in the world at any time.
• Keeping good notes is important as well. The "Memo" app gives you the possibility to keep customized memos and share them with friends.
• For the creative ones we made the "Quotes" app. Here you can create beautiful quotes with customized text font, size and color. You can choose among 200+ colors for the background and the text. You can also use our amazing background pictures for a better looking quote. Last but not least, you can share your piece of art with your friends as a post - then see what they think about it.

SG Mobile

Shipping Gazette, Asia’s leading provider of Shipping News and Information is now making it even easier for you to keep up with the latest shipping industry information.

Designed specifically for the shipping insiders, now offers you the chance to catch up on all the latest information coverage from the shipping and logistics industries, regardless of how busy you are, with our new app.

** Key Features **

• Shipping News
Keep yourself up to date on the latest acquisitions in the market, financial results, new services, supply and demand figures, emerging trends in the global supply chain and much more.

• Port Schedule
Provides comprehensive port-to-port schedule with closing and document cutoff detail. You can easily compare different schedule with filtering and saving features. The new schedule timeline let you explorer the schedule in another way.

• Sailing Schedule
View the operator's sailing schedule by service trade.

• Flight Schedule
Easily check the flight schedule in a glance.

• Logistics Yellow Pages (YP)
Looking for the contact of a freight forwarder? or want to know the office network of a carrier? Logistics YP contains what you want while looking for a service provider.

• Rate Promotion
View the time limited offer from the shipping service providers.

Моя машина - Авто расходы

В приложении реализована возможность быстро и удобно вести учет расхода топлива, а так же учет затрат на автомобиль. Процесс технического обслуживания автомобиля теперь стал проще.

Вы можете контролировать заправки, техническое обслуживание, формировать отчеты и важные события для вашего автомобиля.

Основные преимущества приложения:
- Удобный процесс ведения учета событий и затрат вашего автомобиля (заправки, замены масла, ремонты, мойки, тюнинг и т.д.).
- Контролируйте затраты на одно или более транспортные средства.
- Полные отчеты о заправках, расходах и обслуживании.
- Рассчитайте автономию Ваших транспортных средств непосредственно в приложении.

Теперь вы контролируете расходы вашего автомобиля быстро и легко.

Duadle Relationship Management

Duadle can be best described as a Relationship management app for couples. It will help you stay couple for longer. Consider it a Pocket Therapist for relationships which can understand your relation and then make suggestions based on the situation and status of your relationship.

The app uses your daily relationship data to identify if there are any problems in your relationship and make appropriate suggestions to help you in your relation. Our proprietary A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) "Suggestion Engine" will suggest relationship improvement methods. And also will remind you of certain dates and moments you should share as part of your continued relationship with your companion.

Duadle is a couples app which promotes Monogamy in the Digital age when people don't have enough time to spend with each other. Our app have below features like:

- One to One Chat
- Partner Location Sharing
- Duadle Points to show you the Relationship status
- Reminders for Important Dates
- Photo & Picture Sharing
- Relationship Improvement Suggestions(Coming Soon)
- Encrypted Direct Connectivity

Our app is most suitable for couples who want to work on their relationship and improve it to Stay Couple.

Our In-App Purchase includes "Duadle Suggestion Engine":

"Duadle Suggestions" is an auto-renewable software service and will automatically renew after one month of period when the subscription is subscribed. "Duadle Suggestions" is free for first two months after the subscription. One month subscription price for "Duadle Suggestions" is $1.99 (USD). Suggestion can only be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of current subscription period. Subscriptions can be managed by the users and can be turned of by going to the user's account settings after purchase.
Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription for "Duadle Suggestions".

"Suggestion Engine" analyse the user data for relationship based on location, communication (Chat, call etc), gesture and shared activity. But our system will deliver suggestions only when subscription is active.

Sama Ultimate Woocommerce

Sama Ultimate Woocommerce Mobile Application is a ready plug to go mobile application:
1- Easy to install and connect to your woocommerce platform.
2- Easy to customize and change style and colors
3- Built on Cordova Easy to generate IOS and Android
4- Wishlist
5- Product Compare
6- 100% compatible with woocommerce
7- Supports shipping tax fees calculation
8- Supports variable products
9- Compatible with Wordpress WPML easy to translate!
10- and much much more features!

Super Adaptive

Start learning how to do your project 4-6 times faster, with better results and more fun. This app contains more than short 20 videos including introductions, tutorials and questions that teams have when they work in a Super adaptive way. The app is a quick introduction to the approach and although not replacing a coach, it will give you more than enough to make a decent start. Achieve more in less time and spend more time having holidays. :-)

Super adaptive is a way of working invented by myself, based on agile principles, extremely simplified and it has proven to speed up projects 4-6 times in any business on any topic. It also works on life achievements in general.

As a creative coach, guiding businesses all over the world, I have put all my experiences in this app. The app is the most affordable way to speed up any project and any life achievement. Not everybody can afford a creative coach and the app won’t replace one, but these few bucks are well spent to make a quick start. I might as well have written a book, but hey, an app is more fun and more real.

Super adaptive works on any project or team, at least 1 member ;-), that needs to create something new or achieve something new. The secret is in end-to-end skilled teams that start deliver real stuff immediately, together and improve in extremely short cycles of 1 hour. This is it. It is a workshop style of working, but with delivering working stuff immediately. It has 4 simple steps. You can do it, anybody can do it, once you know a few secrets. ;-)

The app contains more than 20 short videos with me coaching you. It contains a proper introduction, a clear step-by-step tutorial, an "ask a coach" section with answers, a blog with more advice and some background. All videos are baked into the app, so they always run smoothly, even offline. It takes a bit of downloading, but for sure a lot more practical. Remember to unlock your mute button for audio. :-)

Every year, I bring 2 users of the app over to the training facilities in Bali, Indonesia, for a crash course. In order to participate, contact me through the app. Future updates will be free of charge.

Maple Point of Sale

Maple Point of Sale is the go-to mobile application for quick selling from your mobile.
Integrated to a simple yet versatile platform Maple Commerce (, your business can leap into the mobile driven retail and increase sales from your business.
Manage and control your inventory and predict customer demand and maintain optimum stock levels for your business.
Create loyalty programs that will assure you of return customers,repeat sales and targeted marketing.


Greety is a fast and easy way to send your warm wishes to each and every contact from your 1000+ list!

Thanks to Unsplash you have an amazing variety of beautiful cards. Choose any to send for your contacts, you can change it any time you want.

Greety is perfect to keep your best and exclusive wishes for everyone you want to greet. You can change a text any time you want together with a card or you can do it before sending for particular contact. For your convenience #name and #surname hashtags help you to personalize each message.

You will receive notifications every morning if someone in your contact list has a birthday today. Please make sure that you fill in Birthday field for each of your contacts with accuracy.
After choosing a contact for greetings you can send your wishes in any convenient way – via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, etc.
If you want to add something special – words or specific emoji to the text for a particular contact, you have a possibility to do it before tapping Send button.

This is our first application, and we would appreciate any comments and reviews. We develop it with a hope to help you provide a kind attention to your network.

Arabic (support right-to-left interface), English, Japanese, Russian

Tripline - Your maps are your stories

Tripline is a fun, easy-to-use app for planning and sharing vacations, adventures, trips around town and lists of your favorite places. If you like exploring the world and keeping a record of your travels, Tripline is for you!
All of the maps you create in the app are also available on the Tripline website ( There, you can import places and photos from from Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Tripit and much more.
Install today and join the millions of world travelers who are creating their adventures on Tripline.


  • Make better plans by visualizing your route before you go
  • Make your maps social by adding travelers and followers
  • Upload or import photos to bring your maps to life
  • Embed your Tripline maps anywhere, just like a video
Cool Websites

The Internet is an ocean of opportunities. Nowadays we can find a website or two for anything we need. But there are few who stand out from the crowd. Cool Websites is a collection of websites which provide value to users like us. Over the years I have come across so many useful/entertaining/interesting websites that are not known to many. They are not limited to any particular genre and in almost all aspects of our life, websites like these can be found. I have tried to curate a list of such websites.


  • Simple Layout
  • List of Websites where you can learn for free.
  • List of websites where you can make money (Legally!)
  • List of websites which has something unique (Miscellaneous) - like Rainymood or Similarsites or Mathway - Trip management is a travel and expense management system that will assist you to better control all the steps of your business or personal travel.


  • Organize and keep track of receipts
  • Record all your rewards programs
  • Import itineraries from Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  • Manage multiple trips
  • Report of your travels
StrongsDict – Strongsdict App Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary

Strongsdict is the full Strong's Dictionary Greek and Hebrew at your fingertips. Greek and Hebrew Strong's dictionary, full featured with a full test search engine. Contains 14197 entries which is the complete Greek and Hebrews Strong's dictionary found in the original book. This is the Strong's Dictionary, Greek as it appears in the printed version of 1870 by Strong. Main features - Infinity scroll, you can scroll through the whole book - Table of contents for Greek and Hebrew - Search without diacritics. Diacritics are accents and breathing marks, etc. Example search for "אדם" or "אדמ" or "אָדָם" which is A-D-M, Adam; or "משה" (M-S-He) Moshe, Moses - Copy and paste words or search keywords in Greek or Hebrew or English from other sources like internet pages or from other Apps - You can search for words, numbers and keywords in English, Greek and Hebrew - Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, SMS or Copy to Clipboard Examples - "Aaron", "David", "Abraham", "water" or any subject or name or keyword - "G2222" - search for Greek Strong's number 2222 - "H2222" - search for Hebrew Strong's number 2222 Just add a dot . at the end to get more precise search results - "Aaron.", "David.", "Abraham." - search with a point at the end to get more precise results - "G2222.", "H2222." - search for one entry only with a dot at the end Search without or with diacritics - "אדם" or "אדמ" or "אָדָם" - searches for A-D-M (Adam) - "משה" - search for M-S-He (Moshe, Moses) Install Greek and Hebrew keyboards - Go to Settings General Keyboard Keyboards Add New Keyboard... and choose Greek and Hebrew Support - Please contact us with the integrated direct contact (DDC) within the App if you have new ideas or for support. We are listening.


  • Infinity scroll, you can scroll through the whole book
  • Table of contents for Greek and Hebrew - Search without diacritics. Diacritics are accents and breathing marks, etc. Example search for "אדם" or "אדמ" or "אָדָם" which is A-D-M, Adam; or "משה" (M-S-He) Moshe, Moses
  • Copy and paste words or search keywords in Greek or Hebrew or English from other sources like internet pages or from other Apps
  • You can search for words, numbers and keywords in English, Greek and Hebrew
  • Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, SMS or Copy to Clipboard Examples
  • search for one entry only with a dot at the end Search without or with diacritics
Tabela Fipe Brasil

Prices of all Cars, Motorbikes and Trucks for sale in Brazil.


  • Price for Cars, Motorbikes and Trucks
  • Search vehicles
  • Historical values
  • Favorites
  • Updated values
Ratings Dekhe Kya?

India's best movie ratings comparison app


  • Movie ratings from top websites
  • Movie trailers, posters, release dates, and stars
Azan Times

Prayer time, Islamic Azan time,Salah time.


  • Prayer time for all locations, all country
  • English, Malayalam support,
  • Place search
Hal – Construction solution

We provide you with the best experience in the field of construction work so that the work professionally and punctuality in the agreed period and professional transparency.


  • Provide construction services
  • provide expert technician in Electrician,pluber,loader...etc
  • Supply all construction material In Riyadh
  • In app two language features (Supports Arabic, En)
  • geolocation, photopicker
iTasca – Tasca d’Almerita Wine and Estates

Enjoy sicilian wines through the five Estates of the well-known wine-making family, Tasca d’Almerita. Discover the Tasca family’s love for the culture of the different terroirs where their estates are located, and for the wines that come from them.


  • Wine and Estates list and search engine
  • Video and photo galleries
  • Wine Taste recorder and manager
  • In app multilanguage features (Supports It, En,De)
  • Offline mode available
  • geolocation, photopicker
Tomatoid: Time tracking

Combines time tracking, pomodoro technique and to-do lists into one simple app.


  • Time tracker
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Task manager
  • Projects management, clients, labels, stats, history
Brief - Customer messaging

Connect your team to website live chat, shared email inbox and Facebook page messaging.


  • Customer messages that has been waiting for a while will be highlighted.
  • Hashtag customers to easily find them later.
  • Create team chat rooms to discuss certain topics.
  • Works on desktop, tablet and phone.
Person Do Thing

Person Do Thing is the game of small words and big ideas! Using only the 36 simple words in the PDT wordbank (such as Person, Do, Thing, Go, Place), you need to describe a target word for your friends to guess.

SimpleTip: Tip Calculator

SimpleTip makes calculating tip's fast, easy, and accurate. With its clean intuitive design, everything is easily entered from a single screen.


  • Easy and fast to use one-handed.
  • Choose your own star % ratings.
  • Personalize the color theme.
  • Optional dark mode available.
  • Landscape orientation support.

Modify any website in real-time, Save your mod and Share it with the world. lets anybody modify, save & share any website in real time, without having access to the source code of the website. Use Chrome Developer Toools to edit any HTML, CSS or JS code in the webpage or add your own. Save and get an unique URL to the modified version so you can share your mod. is an information resource about promotions, contests and quizzes, held on the territory of the Russian Federation, in which prizes, gifts and other pleasant trifles are played.
In our application you can find information on current promotions and competitions, learn the rules of participation, the number of prizes and read the feedback of participants. You can choose for yourself the actions and contests from the most popular activities, and also sort them by category and brand.


DataGene HerdData is a quick and easy way to enter or access herd records using your SmartPhone or other mobile device.
Now there’s no need to make notes in the dairy or the paddock and then re-enter the same information into a computer!


Bandbiz helps musicians keep track of the money they earn and spend, the merchandise they sell, and much more.
Manage multiple bands or projects, invite band members to collaborate, synchronize calendars, and view reports all from the palm of your hand!

IELTS listening practice tests

IELTS listening practice tests app covered complete Listening Section with 4 types of sub section. It provides model Practice tests papers with detailed Solution.

Bolsillos Cuidados

Aplicación desarrollada por el equipo de trabajo de Fabián Leguizamón.
El objetivo es ayudar a los vecinos a tener un panorama claro y actualizado de la variación de precios de la canasta básica que hay en los locales de Río Gallegos. Entendemos que hay una suba constante y escalonada en los precios que muchos vecinos no pueden afrontar y hasta el momento no se generaron acciones de control que sirvan de freno a esta situación.

Fiches IDE

Fiches IDE, l'application indispensable à tous les Etudiants en Soins Infirmiers (ESI) ou les Infirmier(e)s Diplômé(e)s d'Etat.
Vous pourrez y trouver des fiches pratiques concernant les différentes UE enseignées dans le nouveau référentiel de formation. Une aide aux révisions pour les étudiants et une aide pour les professionnels diplômés qui souhaitent reprendre les bases ou encadrer les futurs jeunes diplômés. L'application permet de vous donner accès à tout son contenu de manière illimitée et sans pubs !

Weight Loss Tips - Diet Recipes

Do you want to lose weight quickly? This app will help you by giving some advices about fat burn .
Weight Loss is not so hard, just be motivated.
You can Easily lose weight with this app , read the weight loss tips and apply them every day.
Also, you can calculate yoir ideal weight BMI depending on your height. So you can be more motivated to lose weighta and to keep fit.

Расписание ВШЭ-Пермь

Schedule for students of the Higher School of Economics in Perm. Always latest schedule - with all the changes. Learn all the information about the class, namely the time and venue, the teacher's name and the type of employment. The app allows you to view actual photos associated with the university. You can always read the latest publication of the popular community

Card Plus

The app for members of the NSW Teachers Federation


This App is exclusively for the use of financial SSTUWA members and allows them to:


  • Contact the Union
  • View and update your membership details
  • List upcoming Union events and latest news
  • Register for ETC courses and review and export your ETC course history
  • Receive live notifications from the Union

WorkPose - Remove pain by changing your computer position and posture.
WorkPose guides you step-by-step through the process to adjust the position of your desk and computer to help eliminate back, arm, shoulder and hand pain at work. This personalized, self-guided program promotes fitness, health, posture, work breaks, and movement at your desk.
Increase your energy and productivity at work, decrease your pain and discomfort!

Litche Noticias y Comentarios

Ya no pierdas mas tiempo para mantenerte informado. Litche lo buscara por ti. Sigue los tópicos y noticias (provincias, municipios, etc), los comentarios de tus contactos sobre los temas que te interesan.
Ya no tienes que perder el tiempo visitando sitios informativos para saber sobre el tema que te interesa, la tecnologia de Litche lo hará por ti y te notificará avisandote sobre la novedad.

How Much Did I Smoke?

This is how you reduce your daily smokes.
Every time you light a cigarette, tap the counter on the Today screen. The cigarettes counter will update, and you will be in control.
The total number of cigarettes you smoked today is shown on the app icons badge


GematriaOne will translate letters to numbers, and then show matching words with the same letter "weight"


Spilla is a social network for business. You can follow your favorite shops, restaurants and new products, news and auctions.

CFB Kickoff

2016 College Football Schedules, Rosters, TV Coverage and more! CFB Kickoff makes it easy to have a quick app for your team. Just pick a team below and add the app to your home screen!

TPGwidget - raccourcis pour arrêts TPG

TPGwidget vous permet de créer des raccourcis sur votre écran d'accueil pour tous vos arrêts TPG de bus ou de tram préférés.


  • Prochains départs en temps réel
  • Itinéraires
  • Parcours des lignes
  • Informations sur les véhicules
  • Info trafic et perturbations
  • Plans du réseau et des arrêts
  • Autocollants iMessage
  • Gratuit et sans pub

EcoAlimentate es una app que te permite visualizar información geolocalizada de productores, procesadores, ferias y mercados de la economía social de alimentos saludables de la ciudad de Rosario y alrededores.
La aplicación te permitirá conocer los centros de comercialización de productos agroecológicos más cercanos a tu ubicación actual, como así también, sus diferentes líneas de contacto, días y horarios de atención.


«PaintColor» очень интересный и полезный фоторедактор (photo editor), который вам обязательно пригодится в повседневной жизни, при редактировании фото! Наш редактор является аналогом одной из функций знаменитого фотошопа (Photoshop). PaintColor сделает интереснее ваш Инстаграм, ВКонтакте, Однокласники, Фейсбук, Твитер! С помощью данного приложения можно добавлять фотографии, как с вашего альбома, так и с камеры, а затем с легкостью можно заменить цвет в выбранной вами зоне фотографии, будь это цвет: машины, неба, одежды, мебели, кожи, фруктов, цветов, украшений и так далее, при этом не затрагивая других предметов. Результаты просто потрясающие.


tipBru is a free, lightweight tip calculating utility app. It can quickly calculate the tip on your bill when you're out and about. It saves you time and from making embarrassing under-tipping mistakes.


  • Beautiful Material UI Layout!
  • Multiple and quick tipping calculations!
  • Lightweight!
  • Free!
  • Open Source!

Gestamed is a medical software for clinics and hospitals which aims to digitize all the monitoring of gestation of their patients.
Backed by a large medical team, Gestamed will allow you to add value to their services and change the way you communicate with your patients.

Shift Organizer - Plan and track your shift work and keep organized

Are you a shift worker? Do you need to track your hours and $ earned? If so, this is a must have app for you! Know exactly when your next shifts are, track your hours worked, and how much you’ve earned. Here are just some of the many features in Shift Work Organizer:


  • Easily enter your shifts details. Include your start and end times, your hourly rate and other pay (including tips). Shift Work Organizer will capture all of these details and let you know how many hours you’ve worked and how much you’ve earned.
  • Tag your shifts with colors and easily see them plotted on a calendar. From a birds eye glance, you’ll know your entire month’s shift schedule. If you need more details, you can click on a calendar day and easily get more details.
  • Create shift templates so that you can easily add new shifts using previous data you’ve entered. Never enter the same data twice.
  • Run reports to get more detailed data, including charts and statistics
  • And much, much, more
欧金所 - 欧洲金融资讯门户


New Zealand Access Radio

Listen to the live audio streams from all 12 of New Zealand's 'Access Radio' stations. Each day, you'll hear a wide variety of music and talk shows, with each hour bringing something new.
Access Radio allows everyone in the community to have a voice on-air (with special priority given to shows catering for women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and children/youth). Outside of each station's regularly scheduled shows, you'll enjoy a wide variety of music, and information relating to the area.
This is an unofficial app, and is not affiliated with any Access Radio station.

УТРО - 2016 (Morning - 2016)

Форум молодежи «УТРО» проводится на территории Уральского федерального округа уже на протяжении 6 лет. С 2011 года форум был организован на территории Челябинской области, в 2012 и 2013 году форумчан встречала Свердловская область, в 2014 году форум вновь вернулся в Челябинскую область, а в 2015 году отправился в Тюменскую область. Нынешний форум - форум 2016 года – расширяет свои границы и собирает в ХМАО – Югре талантливую и активную молодежь со всех субъектов Российской Федерации, в том числе, проживающих в странах СНГ. В форуме примут участие более 1500 человек.

by Klazp

Klazp is an ideal tool to connect with anyone without compromising your personal information and retain their connection forever. Below are some of the great features of Klazp which makes it very unique.


  • Exchange contact information quickly with anyone.
  • Supports multiple profiles for a single account so you can have multiple profiles based on multiple roles you play in the real life. For example, Pediatrician for your professional life, Golfer for your golf club, Sam's father for connecting with your son's teachers, Lucy's husband for connecting with your wife's contacts, Biker for your biker friends. When you klazp(connect) with someone the klazpee sees you through profile you klazped with. So your other profiles will not be visible to your fellow klazpers.
  • sophisticated way to manage huge number of contacts. Provides easy way to search through your thousands of contacts.
  • Contacts are not tied to your phone hence can access your contacts from any phone. If you decided to change your phone, klazp contacts are very easy to port to your new phone.
  • Tag your contacts so that you can locate them easily when you need them.
Zile Ticaret Borsası

Zile Ticaret Borsası' na ait kurumsal bilgilere ulaşabilir, Haberleri okuyabilir. Uyarı sistemi sayesinde haber ve duyurulardan anında haberdar olabilirsiniz. Odamıza yapacağınız istek öneri ve şikayetleri bu program üzerinden yapabilirsiniz. Şirketinize ait aidat borlarını sorgulayabilir ve TOBB ihale, özelleştirme, yatırım projeleri Türkiye ve dünyadan işbirliği tekliflerini program üzerinden takip edebilirsiniz.

Nazilli Ticaret Borsası

Nazilli Ticaret Borsası' na ait kurumsal bilgilere ulaşabilir, haber ve duyuruları okuyabilir. Uyarı sistemi sayesinde haber ve duyurulardan anında haberdar olabilirsiniz. Odamıza yapacağınız istek öneri ve şikayetleri bu program üzerinden yapabilirsiniz. Şirketinize ait aidat borçlarını sorgulama yapabilir ve TOBB ihale ve iş birliği listelerine ulaşabilirsiniz.

Тренер Памяти (Memory Trainer)

Three simple games for everyday exercises that let your brain be on action! Remember order of Numbers, Letters, Colors.
App helps you to improve your memory.
A few difficulty levels to improve your brain skills

Seemiyah Player v2

The SEEMIYAH player allows you to create a playlist of pre-designed templates and use them as a personal screensaver in the cloud that can be played on nearly any device.
This way you can create a slideshow showing not only personal photos but also the current time, date, weather condition of any location worldwide, newsfeeds, facebook photo albums, flickr photos and much more. This playlist can then be played on any Android smartphone, tablet, television (via Chromecast) and Chromebook - optimized for 1920x1080 pixel FULL HD!


Considering the dire needs of a user-friendly application. Dezinedge Services is proud to announce the first-of-its-kind Ramzan application to help ease out the schedules of the Ummah during their fasting. RamzanApp is an easy to use and intelligible application providing basic Ramzan information and comprehensive scheduling facilities to the eventful Muslim Ummah. RamzanApp gives the Ummah the opportunity to schedule their religious duties in a proper manner. Now, welcome Ramzan with more happiness and proper preparation.


Birdou is your social network of nature! Share the best moments with nature. Take photos and share with everyone! Follow people comments and discover this new world!

Tai Chi Currency Converter

Tai Chi Currency Converter is a free and ads free currency converter.

Rosario Smart City

"Rosario Smart City" is a project conceived with the aim of centralizing in a single mobile application all free apps developed for the city of Rosario by local entrepreneurs, self-taught programmers, private companies and the municipality aimed itself to improving the quality of life citizens, and all those visiting our city.

Vive la Copa América 2016

Connect with the action of the Copa América Centenario 2016. Match schedule, results and prognostic clashes to participate for a prize offered by DSTIC S.A.S.

Prev' ERP

App allows intuitive search for a regulatory response on fire safety.


Application for scheduling

FBmaps - facebook's places on a map

FBMaps shows you nearby places that use facebook on a map. It's a new and fun way to use facebook ! You can display the business facebook, comments, photos, videos and reviews. Save the maps you are interested in for quick location. Filter the results by category.

Fracture Classification (FC)

Fracture Classification App is the number one pocket reference tool for quick and easy way to access the various classification systems present in traumatology today. This app offers something very simple, yet invaluable to both residents and physicians alike. The up-to-date content of this app together with a robust feedback system and the ability to evolve makes it everyone's favorite. The best part is the offline* availability of the content whenever you need it on the go. Boasting an intuitive design and fast UI, this is the app you can count on working when you need it the most. Best of all, the app is updated with the latest guidelines in orthopedics.

Intern Avenue: Internships & Graduate Job Search

Our App works alongside our online platform allowing you to keep track of your applications, book interviews, and message employers - you’ll never have to wait until you get home to check your profile or schedule that interview.


  • Comprehensive job search function that allows you to filter by job type, salary, location, sector and duration
  • Easily apply for new roles, or save them for later
  • Direct messaging with employers
  • Schedule interviews
  • Get notified when a new job is posted or a deadline is approaching
  • Create, update and amend your profile
Хлеб & Соль <i>(Bread & Salt)</i>

Pastries order. Heare are homemade pies: hearty, sweet, salty, lean, with fish, with meat, with fruits, cheese. Pure pleasure of Russian pastries' taste.

Miles Wallet - Track frequent flyer reward programs and plan your travel

With Miles Wallet, organize all your reservations and reward programs in one place and keep an eye on your points and miles. Miles Wallet is free for use with the reward programs from airlines, hotels, car rental companies and credit cards.


  • Add as many reward programs as you would like
  • All your trips and accounts stored in one place and save your trip itineraries
  • Automatic connection to reward program web sites
  • Receive notifications with each transaction and before your points and miles expire
  • Manage several accounts for you and your family
  • Possibility to request for new reward programs which are not yet supported
BarStool Happy Hours
by M O

Barstool is a FREE Restaurant & bar locator with nearby happy hours, daily specials, live music, dancing, trivia nights, and more!
Barstool currently supports all of California, and expanding quickly.

UpTaxi Hybrid

UpTaxi - a modern service taxi with the help of your smartphone.
The application is designed for taxi service online through UpTaxi.


  • service instantly picks up and finds a taxi;
  • loyal tariffs, bonuses and discounts;
  • instant cost calculation according to your wishes
  • find places and addresses near you using GPS;
  • pre-order a taxi;
  • history of orders and saved addresses;
  • unique feature of \"cost control\" allows you to make successful bookings in high load hours on the road, in the morning rush hour, at night, during the sudden deterioration of weather conditions;
  • the quality of online taxi service, UpTaxi, provides technical support - 24/7!

Squader - Search for friend to play online games in Destiny, and soon another games!
In Squader you can create "Squads" that allows you to find another guardians to play games in Destiny, you can select between raids, go to Crucible or just go patrol some planets, you will receive a push notification alerting you that other guardians looking for others! also Squader have a chat to communicate with others and coordinate the group.

EIA Open Data

EIA Open Data is an iOS app for browsing data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) free and open data API.


  • Access a wide range of energy data covering production, stocks, demand, imports, exports and prices.
  • Search over 1,000,000 data sets provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • Use favorites to keep tabs, or share data sets as comma-separated values (CSV) for analysis in external apps.
Expense Today

Expense Today helps you to manage your expenses, plan your goals and schedule your events. You can create joint accounts, joint budget and share event expenses with family and friends. It is designed for individuals, startups and small businesses. You can add transactions under different categories, such as Groceries, Entertainment, Transport etc.
Try it yourself to see more features, you'll love it!

Budget Me

This application will automatically calculate your daily budget. All you need to do is to fill the monthly budget and today spending.

Healthy food recommendations

Healthy food recommendations and proper nutrition.
This app contains information on main products for healthy eating on a daily basis.
Type product that you would like to eat and find info whether you should eat it or not.


Nonstop fun, jokes, memes and phrases for easy sharing!


  • Each section divided in their respective categories
  • Hundreds of Memes, jokes and phrases!
  • Save memes with one button!
  • Copy phrases and jokes easily
Recipe Minion - Your Personal Recipe Book and Organizer

Now you can be the evil genius cook you've always wanted to be. Recipe Minion is here to do your bidding! Recipe Minion is a no-frills recipe box. This does not come with 1,000's of recipes you'll never use nor does it come with tons of useless features. You enter in your own recipes with a simple and easy interface.
You'll be able to search your recipes based on category or keyword. You can also email recipes to any address you specify- all you need is an email account already set up on your device along with an internet connection.


  • Turn on/off any category you want. If it's off, it will not show up in your selection box when adding or searching recipes - i.e. less to scroll through = less time to search or add.
  • Add your own custom categories! If you don't want to use any of the built-in categories, simply turn them off in the settings and add your own categories. Mix and match categories as you see fit.
  • Mark recipes as favorites and use the one touch Favorite selection from the main menu to bring up only your favorites.
  • Search results are delivered can be organized by Category then alphabetically within those categories if you have Sort By Categories turned on in settings.
  • And many more...

CoverID® is an intuitive, easy to use, accurate solution for bars, night clubs, and other venues with age restrictions on entry. Using Apple iOS devices and an enterprise class barcode scanning / MSR sled CoverID makes it easy to age-verify patrons at the door and allows them to pay cover by swiping their credit card. Doormen love CoverID for it’s ease of use and night club owners love the customer analytics collected.


  • Age Verification. Fast & accurate age verification by scanning a patron’s Driver’s License at the door.
  • Cover Payment. Accept credit cards for instant payment at the door
  • Customer Analytics. Collect & analyze patron data for targeted promotions, demographics & more!
  • Sleek & Intuitive Layout. Easy to use App with minimal training required
  • VIP/Black lists. Assign patrons to a VIP or Blacklist to identify them at the point of entry
  • Precise Scanning. Support for market leading hardware makes scanning fast, easy, and accurate

Scread is a simple and visual way to search and share books you love. Use Scread to discover new books and share the books you like with family and friends.
See new interesting books not only to follow the people you know, but also by simply using the search feature. Every time you open Scread, you’ll see new books from your closest friends plus from other people with the same book interests by inspirations, hobbies, tastes, values, etc.


  • Create your own bookshelf and share the books you like with family and friends.
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your book posts.
  • Follow your friends and see their book posts.
  • Discover new books in the search feature.
  • Browse reviews before buying a book
  • Share the books you like to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connect with other inspirational and interesting Screaders in the world and explore their bookshelves.

Solver is a quick expression solver supporting a vast number of functions, unit conversions and constants.
Now you can have more than a calculator in your phone: this simple and effective app is what will ease mathematics to you (it's true :) )
It should also make maths funny (ok, this is less true... But Solver will wash lots of pain off of maths).

by Maxium

The app is for the largest wedding fairs in sweden "Bröllopsfeber" (wedding fever) with a lot of information about fairs exhibitors.


NiceSlide is the unique mobile hub for all your PowerPoint presentations. All your slides are readily available, whether you are on the go, attending important meetings or organizing material from conferences. Be fully prepared to present and exchange on any topic.


  • Search: Locate the right slide among thousands of documents in just seconds.
  • Browse: View particular folders or your entire library displaying previews of every single slide.
  • Highlight: Earmark interesting slides and take notes to organize your presentations the smart way.
  • Hot Topics: Arrange individual slides into folders called "hot topics" for direct access
  • Share: Send single slides or entire presentations via email in PDF/PowerPoint format or as a web link
Verkehrszeichen Guru (VZ Guru)

Verkehrszeichen Guru (VZ Guru) helps you to learn German traffic signs better and faster.


  • Perfect complement for your driving lessons
  • Contains over 170 common road signs in Germany
  • Official description and explanation for every road sign
  • Powerful search function that allows you to search by category/color
  • Quick test to examine your theoretical knowledge
  • Minimal design with a clean interface, SVG vector image for all road signs, offer you a smooth user experience
  • Multi-language (English, German Chinese) support for foreigners live in Germany.
Friends - Chat Meet Travel Date


  • Friends is the App that shows you find people by choosing country and location. At present we have listed 14 countries with more than 200 cities
  • Talk to people in your local area or across the states in your home country.
  • Traveling to somewhere and want to make friends before you go, Friends App allows you to change your location and search people from a specific state.
  • Add nice backgrounds, images to your profile.
  • Real time update of chat backgrounds on 1:1 chats
  • Send questions and answer within the Chat window
  • Easy to add and block people
  • Optionally you can make your private won't show up in search. Your Footprints are not notified to other users anyways.
  • We focus on Facebook login and try to do a good job with filtering fake profiles
  • Two different app themes and different themes to customize your profile and chats
Aplt1: Free Audiobook Player

Aplt1™ ("app-let-one") provides a better way to enjoy free audiobooks from LibriVox, or any other unprotected mp3 audio book that is available via RSS.

Ready Phrase for WhatsApp

Do you send similar messages through WhatsApp frequently? Then, this is the right app for you!
With this app you prepare your messages and whenever you need to send one, just choose and send to a contact person or WhatsApp group. You can even edit the content at the time of shipment, without saving. So you personalize the message for a given shipment but keeps the original for future use.
Ideal for companies that provide Customer Services by WhatsApp, professionals, personal trainer and any other activity that has WhatsApp as fast communication tool.
You can create new messages at any time. The basic version allows up to 10 different phrases at no cost. For sentences there is the option (coming soon) to acquire a package of unlimited phrases.

Point Movie

The app is about TV or film communication, lots of cast finding player on this app platform, you can share your movie photo on PointMovie, find actor, director, writer, or anything about a movie. You can also share your movies history, get more friends who love movies as you.

Lipiciosii - dating in Romania

Lipicioşii is the most popular social networking and dating app in Romania.
Look on photos of boys and girls, meet with new people through chat or discussions on the forum, all in a friendly atmosphere.


PRSM is a photo editing app to add amazing geometric prism effects to your photos.
PRSM includes many amazing prism effects, with a style suited to virtually every photograph, and is a perfect companion app for Instagram to enhance your PRSM effects even further.
Share your PRSM photos using the hashtag #MADEWITHPRSM on Twitter and Instagram


Push the pixels around the screen, join all the pixels of the same color together to beat the level. Same colored pixels stick together when they touch.
Are you a pixel master?
Play the first 20 levels for free, unlock the additional 60 levels with a single in-app purchase (which also removes the ads)

Monterey EMS

Monterey County EMS application allows emergency personnel the quick and concise information needed for on or off duty reference.


Local restaurants and lunch guide app

Celebrations of June FULL

There are dozens and hundreds of holidays and celebrations in the world, you can't remember them all, of course. But it's much easier to know what's happening in the world within a shorter period of time. For example during a month!
Celebrations Of June represents all of the most exciting and interesting holidays and celebrations of June worldwide! Now you can learn more about your favorite holidays or find out something new! With Celebrations Of June you won't need to create notifications to congratulate your friends abroad with their national holidays - all holidays are right here!

Celebrations of June

There are dozens and hundreds of holidays and celebrations in the world, you can't remember them all, of course. But it's much easier to know what's happening in the world within a shorter period of time. For example during a month!
Celebrations Of June represents all of the most exciting and interesting holidays and celebrations of June worldwide! Now you can learn more about your favorite holidays or find out something new! With Celebrations Of June you won't need to create notifications to congratulate your friends abroad with their national holidays - all holidays are right here!

CCC Directory

It is an application for CCC Business Directory. User can browser all listing and register own company or organisation to CCC Directory.

Sprint Social

The first short distance running app - race your friends anywhere, any time. Sprint Social combines the proven benefits of short bursts of high intensity exercise with the motivation of exercising with friends, even if they're not by your side.
Sprint Social harnesses the motivation of exercising with and challenging your Facebook friends, whatever your schedule or theirs. Race side by side, or across time zones and continents. Sprint Social uses Apple's gait recognition to measure your run. That means no waiting for GPS to lock on, no worries about privacy, no difference whether you're inside on a treadmill or out on your favourite 100m stretch.
Apple Watch app included!
Your Apple Watch will notify you when friends accept your challenge of a one to one sprint, when your friends challenge you to a sprint and displays the time of your last race. Always with you, Sprint Social reminds you how hard you worked and motivates you to keep it up, one short sprint at a time.


TeamSpender helps you easily log all collective spends in trips, travels and any kind of events.
From time to time/Ocasionally we all go on trips or travel with our friends, make parties and go to cinema, where someone pays, for example, on the gas station, another one buys cinema tickets for all and at last it’s hard to understand, who to whom and how much owes.
TeamSpender counts all your spends and controls all expenses of your group.
You can choose different currencies and travel all over the world. You don’t need to worry about debts calculation. Just add new transaction - this is as a piece of cake.
This application shows, how much all members owes to each other. And most importantly hints you an easy way to get out of debt. Nobody will doubt anymore, whom he owes and why so much! Teamspender makes plain all expenses and calculations and shows you detailed statistic by persons and goals.

掌上嘉康利 (Pocket Shaklee)

Shopping app for Shaklee medical products

Series Seven

Series Seven allows you to track your favorite TV shows and easily get all information about TV show. You’ll never miss new episode of your favorite show with Series Seven


  • Huge TV shows database
  • Mark and track watched episodes
  • [object Object]
  • Calculate time spent watching TV shows
  • TV shows calendar / timeline
  • Premieres calendar
  • Watch trailers for any TV show
  • Each episode overview and comments
  • Get notifications when new episode out
  • Trending and popular shows
  • Add shows to bookmarks
  • Authentication with Trakt account
  • Trakt-synchronized check ins
  • Add new comments to episodes
Радио "За облаками" (Radio "Za Oblakami")

Local Russian radio station app. News, DJ photos and online radio streaming


Hemos trabajado mucho hasta lograr una aplicación que se adaptara a tí.
Con ella podrás llevar un control completo de tu dieta y se convertirá en una herramienta indispensable.
En esta app podrás encontrar diferentes apartados que te faciliten el seguimiento de la dieta.

Klass 9F

This app is specifically developed for class 9F, Flahultsskolan, Sweden. App shows homework and the timetable for the week. It also contains a simple chat window and what’s on the food menu.

Wonder Polls: Question Everything!

With over 1 MILLION downloads, Wonder Polls has lots of users and fresh content. Answer thousands of entertaining polls and Would You Rather type questions. Ask your own polls, then share them to get your friends anonymous answers. Create local polls that only those in your area can answer. Try to guess the #1 answer in the new game mode section. I could take more of your time explaining it, but you should really just download the app!


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  • [object Object]
  • [object Object]
  • [object Object]
  • [object Object]
  • [object Object]
yapQ - Worldwide audio city guides

Turn your smartphone into a worldwide audio city guide.
YapQ is a fun and easy-to-use multi-language app that lets you travel at your own pace.
YapQ brings you audio city guides for over thousands of cities all over the world.
Use your mobile device, on the go, to expand your knowledge on places you are visiting.

Just open the app and it will speak to you - wherever you are,.

Rephrase It! Sentence Reworder

Rephrase It! Sentence Reworder is an a free app which can reword and rephrase any English sentence you input into it. This can be extremely useful for school papers or for a book you are writing.
Rephrase It! has two ways to rephrase your sentence: Basic and Advanced. Basic will try to rephrase your sentence without any help from you, while Advanced will ask you for the part of speech each word is.


Folver is a formula calculator. Finally, you can solve all of those confusing formulas in your hand. No need to remember whether it's x plus or minus x1, Folver does that for you.
This app is free and is great for algebra, geometry and other classes.

Monday Delights
by Yevart

Cooking magazine app with lot of simple recipes and beautiful photos

by BE106

BE106 is a local news site in more than 100 cities in Israel. App has sections of news, sports, business and economy, gossip, culture, articles, free board and more


  • RTL Layout
  • Login screen (not as login)
  • Infinite slider with pull to refresh in each slide
  • Searchbar for ajax search with lazy loading
  • Contacts list (with Indexed List plugin)
  • Photo Browser
  • Messages as comments
  • handlebars templates

HiChat is a Social Network like Twitter. It goes down well with the Chinese university students. But it only towards Chinese consumers, and only provides Chinese.


  • All university own their independent space.
  • The speak inside the App can be anonymous.
  • Anybody can explore help or release depression inside this App.
  • Enjoy a chat with users nearby.

With the app "Laglistan" you get easy access to the Swedish legislation. Each law is just a couple of taps away. Follow references to other laws as you navigate through the legislation. All laws are kept updated with current changes every night.


  • Create your own lists and populate them with the laws that you need easy and fast access to
  • Search the complete collection of laws in Sweden ("Svensk författningssamling")
  • Browse through the laws by year of publication
My lekha Webtoon

Cartoon –In full color and read in one long strip per chapter, cartoons are the distinctive style of web comics from Asia. As fans of such awesomeness, we like to translate these web comics into Khmer every now and then, and host them on this site, as well as web comics translated by other groups to share with you a nice collection. Do browse around and see which Cartoons you like.

My lekha TV

Watch the Best and Unique video contents.Korean Drama & Movie with Khmer subtitle is available. Videos- Provides an intuitive and complete visual interface. For making and editing video websites. Video content building can be restricted to the administrators, chosen members (authors) or to all registered users. Submitting a new video takes a minute, and only requires that you know the video’s url on the external video sharing website

My lekha Music

Mylekha Music is web based MP3 application and now released as App. We are the first app which can listen and download all music free so enjoy anywhere anytime!


Do you need the right words to send to him or her you care about? A message that really expresses what you feel? Or are you just looking for a funny joke? Cheeky comment? Maybe an evil punch-line to a friend? If you are so, then this app is just right for you!

River Thames Guide

The complete planner and guide for travel and leisure on the River Thames including where you can go, how you get there and what’s on the way.


  • Thames Map and Guide: Interactive River Map, Journey Planner, Locks, Bridges, Weather
  • Boating Advice: Rules for the River, Preventing Problems, Emergency Help and Guidance RNLI approved
  • Buying a Boat: A taster of high quality, handmade Dutch craft from Val Wyatt: Open day boats by INTERBOAT, Cabin Cruisers by INTERCRUISER, Steel Luxury Yachts by JETTEN, Used Craft
  • And many more...

App oficial de Aquasella, uno de los festivales más importantes del panorama musical europeo que se celebra cada año en Arriondas, Principado de Asturias, España organizado por La Real Producciones. Ahora toda la información de tu festival favorito en el móvil! Regístrate en la aplicación para escuchar sesiones de los artistas que han pasado por el festival.

Maharashtra Election Tour 2014

Full Coverage of Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election 2014
All Candidates (Declared as well as nondeclared) information: Detailed Profile with Updates from their respective facebook page, Review & Discussion for each candidate
All Constituencies Information: Detail Information with Updates from their respective facebook page, Candidates Information, Discussion on various issues in respective constituency
All Parties Information: Detail Information with Updates from their respective facebook page, Candidates Information, Discussions, Get All Updates from facebook without LOGIN or Without Liking page on Facebook !!!
And many more...

Zebra Hooves OSCE Revision

Learn how to perform OSCE stations to a standard ready for finals. Revise your OSCE skills. Test your friends and score yourself.
Zebra Hooves OSCE revision is designed to help clinical medical students learn and revise their OSCE skills, then test their friends. We hope to get more clinical medical students involved in writing content for the app

PolyGen - Polygon Wallpaper Generator

Would you like to have a new, fresh wallpaper? Something modern that still goes well with flat art style and blurry iOS backgrounds?
Meet PolyGen, the app for generating polygon-like wallpapers. Minimal, fresh and pretty, it will bring new life to your phone. Take a look at the screenshots and see on your own!
PolyGen app generates wallpapers randomly, according to a special formula. This way you can have your own unique pattern.

Install it and browse through as many backgrounds as you like. Choose your unique design and enjoy a refreshed look of your phone.

Invert Puzzle

Interesting Inverter Puzzle game where start is very simple and very fast, but only the best will be able to beat level 5, and there are 20!


Eurosceptic is the complete, mobile repository of information about the European Union and Britain's relationship with it. If you've ever fallen into an argument in the pub about Britain's place in the EU but couldn't quite come up with any figures or examples to back up your argument, this app is all you need.


  • How and why EFTA countries are better off.
  • A 'Frequently Asked Questions' section includes general material about the EU institutions, the EU structure and definitions of common terms.
  • A detailed profile is provided for each EU Member State.
  • Quotations about Europe and/or the EU from luminaries of all ages (including statesmen, philosophers, politicians, business leaders, personalities and more).
  • And many more...
DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver

DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver is a stand-alone desktop application from a new generation that will make your life easier. In a blink of an eye you can install, update and manage your extensions and templates for any Dreamweaver version above Dreamweaver 8.


  • Fully blown stand-alone app for the greatest experience
  • Includes a special Windows and Mac OSX installer
  • Full support for all Dreamweaver versions
  • Super fast installation of extensions
  • Download and install multiple extensions and templates
  • Automatic install of updates
  • Explore new and existing extensions and templates
  • And many more...
History for iOS

History for iOS is the App Store's top resource for everything iOS. The app contains in-depth information on every iOS release Apple has pushed to the public. The app includes a news tab containing the latest iOS related updates, as well as a page displaying the current iOS firmware version.


  • In-depth information on every iOS version ever released
  • Latest iOS related news and updates
  • View the newest firmware version pushed out by Apple
  • Optimized for iOS 7
Günlük Burç (Astroloji)

Turkey's best astrology application. Famous Astrologers are updated daily horoscope.


  • Horoscope
  • Sign the love of harmony
  • Rising all the details about your horoscope
  • Attractive aspects and features of your horoscope
  • Features of your horoscope and stone
  • Special perfume suggestions about your horoscope
  • In addition, special dietary recommendations of your horoscope
929 - תנ"ך על הפרק

Bible learning program


  • Bible text
  • Commentary
  • Articles
  • Video and audio leasons
  • Reading recordings
FarmQA Scouting
by FarmQA

FarmQA Scouting is your digital agronomy assistant for crop and field scouting. Flexible scouting templates allow for the definition of the exact template you need for your crops. FarmQA Scouting will increase the effectiveness of your crop scouting for standard crops as well as specialty crops like grass seed, hops, or even grapes. There are no constraints because FarmQA Scouting adapts to your needs.


  • Easily send scouting reports to agronomists and growers
  • Define customized scouting templates specific to crops or even fields
  • Document findings with photographs and map annotations
  • Optimized data entry to make your time in the field more efficient
  • See distances to nearby fields
  • Draw field boundaries
  • Automatically merge scouting reports from multiple scouts into one report
  • Offline scouting observations
Filicha, Kirala, Al, Sat, Kazan

Filicha is e-commerce App that made with Framework7


  • Shop all Supermarket items your need,
  • Credit Card payment
  • SODEXO payments
  • MULTINET payments
  • SETCARD payments
  • YEMEKMATIK payments